ReiserFS da Windows? Quando ho tempo..

Linux — root on February 12, 2006 at 8:20 pm

Ho scoperto, grazie a digg, che esiste un progetto (portato avanti da un neolureato di Pittsburgh), per l’implementazione di un driver Windows per il supporto del file system Reiser.

Don’t count rfsd as dead quite yet; rather, as significantly side-tracked. After finishing my degree at CMU and leaving Pittsburgh I took a month of vacation, and then headed off to a new job at, in Seattle. With moving across the country and starting a job, I have been quite busy.
I haven’t touched the project throughout that time. It’s in a state of ‘it works for me,’ but I know that a more complex testing setup is needed before the code matures that little bit before it works for everyone.
For the moment, lack of time and a dead laptop hard drive means that I can’t work on the code, though seeing that the download counter has stayed quite high, I’ll certainly want to return to rfsd in the (hopefully) very near future.

Non voglio istigare nessuno a perdere i suoi dati .. solo ricordiamoci di darci un occhiata più in là.. ok?


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