Povere aziende europee

Linux,Sistemi Operativi — root on September 8, 2006 at 6:17 pm

linuxIl New York Time riporta le dichiarazioni di Microsoft circa un possibile ritardo dell’uscita europea di Vista:

Delaying the introduction in Europe, they said in a letter made public by Microsoft on Thursday, “would put European companies at a competitive disadvantage with every other company around the world who does have access to these new technologies.”

E fin qui un ROTFL non glielo risparmia nessuno, ma poi continuano:

“This effectively means that the commission’s actions are endangering the ability of European business to compete globally,” they added.

Ah, è una manovra commerciale per convincerci che non abbiamo bisogno dell’antitrust europeo. ora torna tutto.

Insisti che ci convinci Steve!!! (Ballmer)


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