Saggezza e giudizio!!!

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Giudizio contro i pagani

Poichè, ecco, in quei giorni e in quel tempo,
quando avrò fatto tornare i prigionieri di Giuda e Gerusalemme,
riunirò tutte le nazioni
e le farò scendere nella valle di Giòsafat,
e là verrò a giudizio con loro
per il mio popolo Israele, mia eredità,
che essi hanno disperso fra le genti
dividendosi poi la mia terra.

Gioele – Cap 4

(tanto di cappello nonna Lucia!!!)

My Notebook Roundup Vol. 1

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ACCESS Linux Platform

The ACCESS Linux Platform enables the creation of world-class mobile devices and mobile services by providing a complete and flexible commercial-grade Linux® based operating system designed for the worldwide mobile and converged device markets.

Linux: High-Res Timers and Tickless Kernel

Thomas Gleixner and Ingo Molnar [interview] posted an update of their high-res timers kernel patches for the 2.6.17 kernel, “upon which we based a tickless kernel (dyntick) implementation and a ‘dynamic HZ’ feature as well”.

Upgrading iPod Hard Drives

A number of people have asked about upgrading iPod hard drives — what to buy, how to prepare, and how to perform the upgrade — so here are all the technical details.

Inspire Yourself: 58 Creative Logos

These are 58 creative logos you can inspire yourself from. Nevermind how different the logos are – they show the current trend in modern logo design.

Top 10 Gmail tips and hacks

Gmail offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to the way you manage your email… Since you can do so much with and to Gmail, I thought I would round up my favorite tips and hacks for users both old and new.

What is Haiku?

Haiku is a project to develop and promote a desktop operating system inspired by the Be Operating System.

Hidden configuration

Configuration for which no GUI exists

Management ‘scared’ by open source

EclipseCon: Fear is stalking the corridors of corporate power, as executives sweat over the legal exposure caused by developers using open source software…

Cracking Open the Door to Open Source

When Bill Hilf came from IBM Corp. to join Microsoft three years ago, the company’s stance on open source vacillated wildly. It would swing from outright indifference to overt nastiness. Today, something else is unfolding

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