Yahoo Pipes Madness – Episode 1

unCMized — lucio on June 16, 2009 at 9:01 pm

yahoopipemadnessIn last few weeks i studied some RSS, GoogleReader and FriendFeed protocols and built yahoo Pipes “for fun and profit”. Here the list and the description, take it with some assumptions:

Every pipe you want to “use into a pipe” (by dropping it from left-menu) has as input a feed or a webpage, you can’t use it “in the middle” of an item feed analysis redirecting stream of item into it. This behaviour limits construction of “pipes as module”, then CLONE IT or TAKE IT AS INSPIRATION for your pipe.

List of my “public” pipes (consider this as freezed, if I’ll update it I’ll clone a 0.2 version and so on ..):

  • CJFPM – Rss4FriendFeed – 0.1 : prepare an Rss feed to be more “appetible” from FriendFeed: remove “[feedly]” from title, build a better item.comment to post it as a plain comment on FF.
  • CJFPM – GoogleReader Badge to RSS – 0.1 : retrieves a Google Reader Badge OPML file, re-maps the item names and then downloads items for each feed. Use “CJFPM – Feed Attribution on Title” to add at every item attribution “from” incoming feed.
  • CJFPM – Feed-Buster – 0.1 : construct appropriate feeds and return feed elements using Feed-Buster that is “MediaInjection which injects media enclosure links into feed posts based on media present in the item description and content” and have a lot of other cool features (see Docs on Feed-Buster website).

If you have improvements / suggestions / requests: comment there or send me a direct message on FriendFeed!!

Google Badge OPML on Friendfeed? YES

unCMized — lucio on June 4, 2009 at 8:40 pm

After few weeks on FriendFeed and few days gaming on Yahoo Pipes i made a Pipe that use OPML link generate from a GoogleReader Badge to extract RSS items, and enrich it (By Feed-Buster & co).

Waoaaaa!!! :)

You can find it here:

In simple three steps:
1) Gererate Badge on Google Reader and take OPML Url.


2) Put it in the field and tune length of comment field to import on FriendFeed, then “Run Pipe”. Now you can take the link of rss feeds that is an aggregation of items of feeds in OPML.


3) Create a group, or a private room, import as “Custom/RSS Atom”.. et voilà :)


PS: if you use Goorle Reader in Https your badge link is in https, just use the same link in http :)

PS2: Comments and suggestions appreciated .. on FriendFeed!!

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