RSS (lesson never learned): Like or reShare items is rePublishing!

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The brand new paradigma of Social network is to re-share, to like.. to let people know what we think is interesting, or can be interesting for our friend, our clients… our online audience.
Then why composing a feed of shared items is only a "copy" of the item i used to like or share? Share feed is a brand new publishing! It needs at least the information about the time "when" it's shared, and is not a thing made of tiki-taki. You noticed that when you subscribe to this kind of feeds, re-aggregate items, they start to dance back and forward in time? It's because if i share a new "feed item" of yesterday, it is published on new feed with the "old" date and never be show on headline of my followers, nor i see likes/reShare of my friends "older" then headline of their feeds!!

I think this is wrong and unacceptable.

Some examples about situation:
- Google Reader adds a field on his rss-Shared items where is coded the time of sharing, but the time of the post remain the same of the publication on original feed;
– Twitter favorites have only the time of "original tweet";
- FriendFeed, like Twitter.

I think that the main time on the post of RSS feed of likes/reShare have to be date of reShare, and date of publishing have to be conserved on another field. As Robert Scoble often say "The best of internet is on Liked items"… his, mine, your… it's reSharing knowledge, digging, mixing.. it's rePublishing babe.   

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